About the Liebster

In my continuous search for great books and super content to share on this  blog, I've run across this little award graphic several times:

Naturally, in my constant need for outside validation and due to my competitive spirit, I wanted one.  Absolutely no idea what it is, but someone else has it, so I want one too.

Now, the marvelous Hira over at Views and Reviews has nominated me, and, after the initial response of "Cool!" came the logical "what the heck does that mean?"  Short answer:  other bloggers like your blog and want to give you kudos.  Long:  nobody is quite certain of its true origins but believe it can be traced to a German blog, with several subsequent transmogrifications.  It seems to me that Sophhey of Sophhey Says has done the most extensive research and provides a link to said German blogger.  (There's not even an entry for it on the omniscent Wikipedia.)

As I said, the terms and requirements of the award have morphed from blogs with less than 3000 followers to less than 200 bloggers (in the strain which found me), and from nominating 5 bloggers to 11.  Also, the strain Hira shared with me has question and answer requirements attached.  One is tempted to be purest, nominate five, grab the award and run, but in the spirit of the thing, I'm going with Hira's request. 

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