Video: Creating a Book at Random House

Here's a pretty interesting video from Random House that briefly explores the processes of creating a book, from editing to e-readers and everything in between.    Thanks to Margaret Larsen over at Words & Works for sharing this with me.

They make it look so simple! 


G. Hugh Bodell said...

A tremendously interesting video and an insight into a well executed teamwork process.

However, having spent 35 years in and consulting to American Industry I know this is the way these dedicated folk would like it to be.

The publishing of a poorly written, poorly edited book with mediocre ‘wrapping’…but, with unbelievable marketing hype appears to be more the actual process.

I need go no further than “Fifty Shades Of Grey” published by Vintage Books and imprint of no other than Random House to provide a screaming example of the ‘Work Around’ this video’s process.

I trust this comment is not viewed as sour grapes but simply an example of the reality of the power of exigencies in a truly struggling industry.

Unknown said...

No. Not at all. It amazes me what comes out of big publishing houses these days. I think it's about what they think they can sell and then selling it as fast as they can. Not a whole lot of literary integrity in that process.