My First Blog Tour

Fun!  I was just chosen to participate in my first book blog tour, and I'm a bit trepidatious.  I'll get to interview the author and have a book giveaway, which should be really fun.  So, mark your calendars now for August 5, 2012, for a full-court press of Shadowlands by CM Gray.


carrieap said...

What exactly is a blog tour?

Anonymous said...

Hi Penny. Thanks for the comment on my blog. I need an actual email address for Amazon to send the book to. If you don't mind emailing me at, I can get the book sent to you :)

Unknown said...

@Carrie: a virtual book tour is just like it sounds. Someone (a promoter? or other service??) arranges to contact several bloggers (15 in the one I'm doing) who agree to participate in a blog tour. Each blogger is assigned a day in consecutive order, where they will either review the book, sponsor a giveaway or interview the author or character or any combination of the above. I think interviewing the a character sounds like fun and a good way to get into the author's head beyond the confines of the actual book. I'm not certain how one goes about arranging a book tour. Maybe Donna can answer that question?

@Donna: sure, no problem! I forgot that the tool bar and my about page don't show email addresses. Doh!