What the Heck Happened in Freemania Today: log 1

New project: create a sort of weB LOG of each particular day of writing. To be honest, I am already 137 pages into the manuscript and I've been meaning to do this for months, so for anyone reading this, it would be like coming into the book without ready the first third. But, then again, with the way I skip around writing chapters here and chapters there, there is no guarantee of coherency until you buy the book. So, here it is, the first installment of What The Heck Happened in Freemania Today!

Dateline: August, 1810
Geneva, Switzerland

02.02 (that's section 2, chapter 2) Jeanne: Duncan and Jeanne spar as Duncan attempts to convince Jeanne she cannot help her aunt without putting herself and her family in jeopardy. Jeanne gets belligerent, Duncan gets physical, Duncan is more persuasive and Jeanne concedes.

Duncan realizes the secret police will know a lady's maid slipped through their fingers simply from the contents of her seized suitcase. They will be scouring the city for her.

02.03 DeLeon: Duncan's plans for a pleasant stay in a comfortable hotel degenerate into confinement in one room in a safe house under guard, with no female companionship and no real way to protect her virtue should any danger arise. Duncan showed her secret escape routes unknown to anyone but himself, and Jeanne is partially mollified.

Duncan reveals the family connection between himself and Jeanne and swears she is his to protect. Jeanne's cool with that.

Next up: DuLac drop a bombshell on Duncan, DeLeon tortures Butler to make a point, Shepherd & Dovey look on noncommittal, Foreman lends him a hand

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